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LOL- I accidentally got my booth neighbors face in this picture, she was really nice.

My first time at the May Fair turned out similar to what I had suspected. I like to guess, like when you guess how much gas is going to cost you in total as the tank is filling up. The morning was very slow and most people wait to the last few hours to make any purchases because they want to hang out all day at this busy street festival. I really didn’t get to walk around to see a lot of the other vendors, but I had another bag and purse vendor just 2 booths away, and it seemed that every other vendor was jewelry.  I was lucky enough to have a few loyal customers stop by. This is always exciting, because I feel like such a tiny blip on the radar, and for people to see me and want more of what I have is thrilling.

I forgot how eclectic this little town could be. At the 31st annual May Fair I set up my booth  just a few yards from where I used to live on Haddon Ave., about 10 years ago. Some things about this town have changed dramatically. Like the scope of businesses, and the new available housing. Yet so much has stayed the same. As the people at this street festival started streaming past my booth I remembered the unique characters that I would be lucky enough to observe on a daily basis when I resided here. This little town really has it’s own flavor.


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This just in… Consumer reports will be doing a review of sewing machines in their March issue due out sometime in February.
So I will wait another month before making a buying decision on a new machine.
I hope this is an extensive report and not some watered down review that focuses on some “value” machines.
-from the emails consumers is getting on this subject it looks like they have a broad base of questions to answer…

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Hand Embroidery

My Hand Embroidery

I’ve been looking to purchase a new sewing machine, my old one has very few options and a lot of tension problems. I have wanted one that can also do embroidery, but I want to do my own designs. This is not as easy to come by as you would think, especially when you are working on a mac computer. You would think you could use something in adobe’s creative suite to edit embroidery designs.  I have already spent lots of money on these programs and years out of my life learning how to use them.  This is possible, but the software is geared towards having a custom embroidery shop and the cost is astronomical.
After some searching I found Embroidery software for the mac and it just happens to be software for what’s called the “home sewer.” They have  a program that converts files to any sewing machine format. There are a lot of formats. A lot. Unfortunately this software is only for existing embroidery files, i.e. sets of embroidery designs that come prepackaged. While this is certainly a worthwhile program, reasonably priced and something I will purchase in the future, it only gets me halfway there.
I still need a program that I can create embroidery in. Through a process called digitizing you take your artwork and using it as a template, create a digital embroidery pattern. The process involves laying out how the needle will travel through the design, the kind of stitches the machine will use, the direction of the stitches, the color of thread, and I assume some other stuff. The whole process is like drawing without lifting your pencil off the paper.  Affordable software for digitizing on the mac, as of yet, does not exist.
I contacted Embroidery software for the mac, to see if they could answer any of my questions about creating my own designs. They suggested hiring a local embroidery shop to do the digitizing. I really can’t find one, so if any one knows of a custom embroidery shop in south jersey that they like, please let me know.  I will say Brian at www.macemb.com was very helpful with the myriad of questions I had. It is surprising to find such excellent customer service. Someone who takes the time to respond, is knowledgeable, and personable. He is also working on a software program for digitizing on the mac. I would love to hear from anyone who works on a mac using embroidery. Please share your experience.

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