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LOL- I accidentally got my booth neighbors face in this picture, she was really nice.

My first time at the May Fair turned out similar to what I had suspected. I like to guess, like when you guess how much gas is going to cost you in total as the tank is filling up. The morning was very slow and most people wait to the last few hours to make any purchases because they want to hang out all day at this busy street festival. I really didn’t get to walk around to see a lot of the other vendors, but I had another bag and purse vendor just 2 booths away, and it seemed that every other vendor was jewelry.  I was lucky enough to have a few loyal customers stop by. This is always exciting, because I feel like such a tiny blip on the radar, and for people to see me and want more of what I have is thrilling.

I forgot how eclectic this little town could be. At the 31st annual May Fair I set up my booth  just a few yards from where I used to live on Haddon Ave., about 10 years ago. Some things about this town have changed dramatically. Like the scope of businesses, and the new available housing. Yet so much has stayed the same. As the people at this street festival started streaming past my booth I remembered the unique characters that I would be lucky enough to observe on a daily basis when I resided here. This little town really has it’s own flavor.


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Yeah for alcohol at craft shows! Too bad I didn’t get to drink any.
I had a wonderful day at Princeton’s Communiversity.

The morning started out slow
I had probably one of the worst spots out of over 100 spaces, at the end of a small side street, near the kids entertainment, I know…
Given that, the load-in was relatively easy because I was at the end of the block.
Parking was horrendous, my van was too tall for the near by parking garages, my husband went to park it with our friend who is 6’8″ tall, which also happens to be the height of the van, so our friend would get out and see if the van would fit by walking through the garage- too funny!

The most amusing thing about this show is that it shuts down PROMPTLY at 5pm,
the police come around and tell you you are not allowed to sell anything after 5.
Of course that’s when people who have been walking around all day
want to finally buy something. I told one woman who wanted two bags at 5:15
that we would have to do it on the “downlow”, she loved that I said that.

I’m not a fast packer-up-er, and we were only given 45 minutes to pack up,
if I didn’t have 2 people helping me I never would have made it.
It is madness to tell all visitors and vendors to leave at the same time.
It took me, and I suppose everyone else, 1 hour sitting in traffic
to drive the few blocks back to the main road to get out of town.

All and all it was an enthusiastic group of people who shopped
and gave me wonderful feedback. I really need to sew and print like a maniac
to get my inventory back up for the next event.
Wish me luck

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Wilmington this Friday “Art on the Town”  the art loop downtown and at trolley square.
Free stuff for those participating.

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I’ve been working on a series of paintings for February’s art show
at Poppycock Tattoo in Delaware.
The shop is owned and operated by my friends Tina and Pat.
The opening reception is from 5:30 – 8pm on Friday Feb. 5th.
with refreshments and, and, and, a raffle to win $100 in tattoo time! pretty cool

Here is a sneak peak of what I will be showing. These small gouache paintings have been influenced by many things specific to this show including Victorian images, classic tattoo imagery, and sweet kitty cats (Tina has logged many hours listening to me talk about my cats- you were listening, right?)

King of Hearts- Gouache on paper 5"X7"

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Update: Fabric successfully printed at spoonflower
Calendar construction completed
Now for sale on Etsy!

I tried my hand at a tea towel calendar for 2010, after deciding how much computer work I wanted to include in the initial design. The conclusion; none. I ended up just drawing the whole thing. I haven’t received the actual printed fabric yet, so I have my fingers crossed that it was a success.

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A mostly rainy day followed by a few hours of sun. Many shoppers still came out despite the rain,  it was extra disappointing that many vendors near me were no-show. I would change how main street is set up for this show. From east to west: food, crafters and then fancy cars without the big spaces in between. Still a good show though.DSCN2628
This type of weather makes my hair crazy-like sticking out sideways.
So when I saw this picture of myself on their website I was surprised that the hair was only half crazy.


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I was at the “Giant” Ocean Grove craft show yesterday. A huge thank you goes out to my friend Pamela who woke up at 5am to help me out, I don’t think I could have done it without her (seriously). I received some wonderful feedback from browsers and shoppers. It’s always great when people give you positive comments about what you love to do. This show is definitely giant, maybe too big. It is a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere and the crowds were certainly out yesterday.

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