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It seems if you can’t gain entry into a large well known holiday season show you are relegated to do the smaller, faith based, community shows. I love the way these little shows come together with the hard work of only one or two organizers and a slew of volunteers that fall in line and accomplish anything that needs doing. I participated in two small shows this holiday season. The first show was at a synagogue in Mt. Laurel, while the members supported this show, attendance was low. I decided to do this show even though I knew nothing about it because the organizer approached me at an earlier show (all hand made- well attended). I assumed she was looking for handmade items. When I arrived I was very disappointed¬† by the quality of vendors at this supposed craft show -cheap junk, leather jackets, $1 beenie babies, home show type sellers -yikes!
Vendors near me were claiming handmade, well yes, someone somewhere had to make it. I think the customers want to believe this cheap wholesale junk is something that it is not. The woman next to me who had costume jewelry had to keep telling people that it was “just costume jewelry”, her prices were so low it could not have been anything else. Come on people!

The second show was at a church in Cherry Hill. The organizers had a great mix of vendors for this show. The support and attendance was similar to the synagogue show and that’s were the similarities ended. I thought that each vendor represented a high quality version of what they made, be it chocolate candies, ceramics, knitwear, soap, etc. I did see some wholesale beads strung or hung without any craft involved. I’m so glad I don’t make jewelery, but I have in the past and can see what’s up. These people are basically resellers who charge the same prices as true jewelry artisans. This would be a really good show for a crafter/artist who would like to try a small show. Easy set up, help if you need it. Although the exit process was a little rushed, a volunteer kept vacuuming around me and my pile of stuff, each time I would take stuff to my car she would vacuum around the pile. The carpet was very clean so I’m not sure what the point was. I probably made about 6 trips to my car and she kept vacuuming whatever carpet I revealed to the point where on my last trip she was vacuuming so feverishly in front of the few things I had left I had to yell “excuse me” in order to scoop up my last bits. Not exactly what you need after a long day.


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